Family | Poem 1 | Expressing the Meaning of Family in a Creative Way

Painted Forest, Forest is family, House of Darlington
The topic is:  Family

Key words used: tree, roots, ancestors, mother, father, children, home, name, tribe, clan


Among the trees are the many seeds,
As the wind blows the rustling leaves,
Mother Earth fills the forests needs, 

A single seedling falls to the ground,
Awaiting a home far beyond the sacred sound,

The Father above you blesses the soil, 
For future tribes standing tall and loyal,

As roots take deep hold below the earth,
Our ancestors celebrate the arrival of another birth, 

With open arms and open hands we join the clan of the spiritual land,

The name of this place is called home, 

There is no race to reach for the stars,
no finish line or silly flights to Mars,

There is only family for us to embrace, 
So tell your mind to forget societies illusional space, 

Between you and grace lies your spiritual faith, 
A place of peace for the human race, 

Paul Sousa | Poetry for Humans