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Create a Poem Book with writing prompts for poets


I recently purchased this book from Barnes and Noble. Create A Poem -writing prompts for poets journal. To help get your creative juices flowing by giving you a topic to write about and ten key words that have to be used in the poem. 

The power of poetry can force you to dig deep within yourself and search for those little stories and journeys that make you who you are. Poetry allows you to explain feelings, emotions, and experiences in a very subliminal way. Similar to listening to a song that really resonates with you even though the artist singing or the writer who wrote it could be experiencing something completely different. 

That is just more confirmation to me that we are all connected in some way regardless of our thoughts and lifestyles. 

So I have challenged myself and my five senses to dig shallow and down deep to create 100 Poems. Not as a challenge to have 100 Poems, but as a challenge to express what needs to be expressed in my own journey. Call it therapy, psychedelic yoga, emotional purging, whatever. I will just call it a docu-me-taion. No judgment, no advice, no persuasion, just experiences expressed in a creative way. 

So, if you like creative writing and enjoy the flavor of expressive stories, maybe this challenge can be a challenge for you as well. In any case, each poem will be posted on the House of Darlington Blog along with the topic and ten keywords used in each poem. 

Thanks for stopping in, stay awhile and look around.

Paul Sousa | Artist | House of Darlington