Dreams | Poem 3 | Interpretation of Dreams Poem

Topic: Dreams

Key Words: shadows, goals, memories, nightmares, night, hopes, anxiety, fears, terror, victory


Dreams become the shadows of the night,

The collective secrets of the minds visual sight,

Memories consumed by the ticking hours of day and night,

Goals, hopes, tears collected from the past of present fears,

Belly blistering anxiety of mental pictures projected on your own personal screen, 

Your egos private laboratory of compulsive chatter with-out a solid base or concrete matter,

Only you know the difference between terror and truth, 

Only you know the the silly tricks of your minds deceitful gifts, 

To obtain victory is to unlock the mystery of your true source of being,

Look with-in the light that sparks the fire,

There you will find the life you sacredly desire, 

Fear not the dreams your mind creates, 

For dreams are dreams of trails and error,

Only through awareness will dreams last forever,  

Paul Sousa | Poetry for Humans