Love | Poem 2 | Express Your Love The Way Your Soul Feels It

Abstract Heart Art, Love, House of Darlington, Artist Paul Sousa

The topic is: Love

Key Words: kiss, sacrifice, romance, partner, trust, attraction, falling, communication, envy, compromise 


To envy love, all the emotions from down below and up above,

It can tickle your heart with a single kiss, and romance your mind with unadulterated bliss,

The passion of a partner sprinkled with trust that may not falter, is the ultimate sacrifice one has to offer,  

To communicate your minds mingling attraction to convince your heart of this gambling reaction,

Will you compromise your heart for a dash of that soulful spark?

Ah, to risk it all for this thing called love, to capture its mystery knowing its rocky history,

A blessing in disguise or a blessing for the wise,

You decide, you decide to take that ride, 

Get in the seat and strap your buckle, hold on tight and close your eyes, it may be a beautiful bumpy ride.

Paul Sousa | Poetry for Humans