Struggle | Poem 4 | Mind Struggles

Abstract glass bottle with bird inside, House of Darlington, Artist Paul Sousa

Topic: Struggle

Key Words: adversity, obstacles, goal, perseverance, chains, shackles, growth, chance, pain, hope,

The struggle of the mind twisted in time,

How your inner thoughts can shackle your progress of deep seeded urges to live between this life and the next,

The weight of your words are like chains around your neck pulling you down to the merciless ground,

Choose your thoughts wisely, for pain and suffering are self induced and do not act kindly,

Obstacles come and go like tides of the open sea, a time of growth, a time of hope between you and the unseen,

Life may be a chance to dance with your inner fire, to recognize the marvels of loving thoughts and soulful desires, 

To destroy the obstructions of separated nations in exchange for humanity and divine creation, 

The simple act of pure love can only be witnessed when the Ego self in quietly diminished,  

Paul Sousa | Poetry for Humans