Chance | Poem 6 | A Chance to See

Topic : Chance

Key Words: fortune, destiny, luck, risk, loss, gamble, gain, cliff, odds, opportunity 

A chance to see the little boat float across the turbulent sea, 

At odds with the wind, the fog and the blanketing mist, 

As the sun settles for its magical escape between you and the vanishing horizon,

The pink and purple sky may indicate a sailors seafaring delight, 

What luck to be stuck in the middle of the sea with me,

What fortune to be alive and to gamble yet another day, 

To feel the salty sea spray graze across the ridges of my contoured face and deep set eyes,

The cliffs beyond the sea many years ago have no claim,

To risk and fall will be the opportunity for you to gain,

As long as there is thought, there will be no destiny to fulfill, 

No loss in life, in this one or the next, 

Only by thoughtful chance will you see the harbor of soulful lights,

You must go deep to know the depths of you, 

And through you will you emerge the true you, 

Paul Sousa | Poetry for Humans