Faith | Poem 7 | The Depths of Faith

Abstract Bird, Faith of Flight, Blue, Yellow, Green, Abstract Bird Art

Topic: Faith

Key Words: question, sin God, belief, truth, miracle, religion, doubt, trust, leap

What good is faith when doubt continues to steal the show,

How sin has become the salt and pepper seasoning of life's most devious crimes,

When religion has become a set of spectacles for those who cannot see past their own noses,

Smell the roses and you will know all that God desires you to know, 

For the miracle of life itself does not require the tainted hand of religious help, 

Faith is what you hope to see when the trust in your belief cannot be seen,

Faith cannot hold the truth, nor can it bear the fruit of soulful needs,

Trade your thoughts of faith for truths of belief, and then you will see all that needs to be,

Leap out of your skin and into the place where sin a religion has no space, 

Look deep with-in the face of your dubious mind to transcend beyond the layers of physical time, 

You will soon find the key to unlock the beauty of life neatly folded between you and the great divine.  

Paul Sousa | Poetry for Humans