Success | Poem 5 | What is Success

Abstract Art, Human face with flowers for hair, Flowers, Human Abstract Art

Topic: Success 

Key Words: money, effort, journey, pinnacle, victory, contentment, sacrifice, status, happiness

Success is a journey with in yourself,

To be aware of victory when there is no war,

Understanding that thoughts are the efforts of the manifesting mind,

Bringing great divine creations to all nations,

Uniting all kind spirits from the land where there is no man,

Find contentment where money has no voice, 

Where status has no place with-in our human race,

Fulfillment of your peace comes from a higher place of reason with-in life's ripened season,

Fill your soul with natures creative gifts, 

Sacrifice your fears for happiness and your soul will continue to rise above the pinnacle realms of love and rapture,

Success does not reside with in the brick and mortar banks of your mind, but with-in your inner depths of consciousness where there is no time. 

Paul Sousa | Poetry for Humans